L2 Surface Type Flag Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

Cryosat L2 data includes a surface type flag flag_prod_status_20_ku for each 20Hz measurement record. The bit values of this flag provides a classification of the surface type (Ocean, Land, Continental Ice, Enclosed Sea) at nadir for the corresponding measurement location. The classification originates from a model provided by the ESA Geophysical CFI library.

This page provides global and polar plots of the L2 surface type flag for each 30-day data take.

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Operational Phase (Baseline-E)

Data take Timespan Global Plot
North Polar Plot South Polar Plot
13520/10/21 -> 18/11/2167.2 / 20.7 / 11.14 / 0.94/0  ViewViewView
13420/9/21 -> 19/10/2167.46 / 20.57 / 10.96 / 0.99/0  ViewViewView
13321/8/21 -> 19/9/2167.73 / 20.38 / 10.9 / 0.97/0  ViewViewView

Note: data takes may be missing if they have not been processed by this IPF Baseline-E