QA and Monitoring Status

This section shows the current status and change history of the MSSL Cryosat monitoring facility:

Open Issues
1-Oct-2011Website Browser supportSome QA web-pages only work correctly with Firefox browsers.Drop-down selectors for data-take length don't function in other browser types. Until fixed please use Firefox or select the data take length first in a previous page. Under investigation

Closed Issues
19-Sep-2011Crossover Elevation Residuals and Sigma0 plotsBanding pattern showing at around latitude 87-88S. Investigated - found to be due to an interaction between the orbit, antenna polarization and wind driven anistrophy.
06-May-2016Baseline CAll sections have been updated to include Basline C, including reprocessed Baseline C since BOM. Complete
14-Jul-2013IPF Baseline Data AvailabilityA page was added to show monthly data availability for each IPF baseline. Complete
14-Jan-2013IPF Baseline separationThe whole QA system and web site is currently being developed in order to support the reprocessing of older data to IPF Baseline-B. This will provide separation of the processing baselines within the site (currently all baselines are shown together). There may be some disruption to individual parts of the site while sections are converted to support baseline separation. Complete
24-Aug-2012Crossover PerformanceCrossover algorithm now uses SARIN slope corrected location and height for Baseline-B dataComplete
30-May-2012L2 Height AddedMonitoring of L2 Height parameter addedComplete
30-May-2012L2 SSHA AddedMonitoring of L2 SSHA parameter addedComplete
15-Mar-2012L2i Data SupplyDue to severe ftp bandwidth throttling problems between the UK and Kiruna L2i data download and QA has had to be stopped.Probable Kiruna firewall issue. Fixed 26-Mar-12
22-Mar-2012L2 PeakinessL2 Peakiness parameter processing & plotting updated to cope with the expanded maximum peakiness values in SAR mode (> max signed int) following IPF upgrade to Baseline B on 01/02/12Complete
17-Nov-2011SchedulingUpdate to QA scheduling to synchronise QA plot processing with latest incomplete 30-day data takes. Affects: latest data take availability, mode and surface type plotsComplete
23-Sep-2011Data AvailabilityRetrieved missing L2 & L2i data from the ESA archive for Apr-Aug 2011. This is data that was processed or reprocessed by Kiruna after the normal [reception + 30-day + <3-weeks] processing schedule and hence missed by the QA system.Complete
21-Sep-2011Data Availability HistogramsChanged to show actual latest availability 30-day timeframe, rather than expected latest data timeframe to allow for additional or irregular delays at the IPF. Data retrieval window expanded by 3-weeks to allow for additional processing delays at Kiruna.Complete
21-Sep-2011L2 Surface Type FlagAll cycles replotted to remove erroneous results from empty blocks which caused speckles of ocean surface appearing over landComplete
07-Sep-2011Crossover ProcessingReprocessing and replotting to provide
* a constant representation of data flagging (bad_height, etc) for all cycles in Orbit plots
* to provide an additional 4x zoomed view in Orbit plots
* SARIN processing crossover threshold changed from 1m to 10m
27-Jul-2011Auxillary CorrectionsAuxilliary Corrections trend plots and map display issues fixedComplete
5-Jul-2011Crossover sectionFollowing a study the time tag bias results were recalculated for all 30-day and 45-day cycles.Complete