Cryosat QA

L2 Mispointing Angle Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

Cryosat L2 data from Baseline-B onwards includes a parameter to show the mispointing angle of the antenna.

This is the angle between the antenna pointing (direction of beam) and the nadir direction.

Nominally this should be zero.

This tool provides global and polar plots of the L2 Mispointing Angle parameter for each 30-day data take for data from:

  • ascending passes,
  • descending passes,
  • all passes

Operational Phase (Baseline-D)

Data take Timespan Global Plot North Polar Plot South Polar Plot
11330/12/19 -> 28/1/20ViewViewView
11230/11/19 -> 29/12/19ViewViewView
11131/10/19 -> 29/11/19ViewViewView
1101/10/19 -> 30/10/19ViewViewView
1091/9/19 -> 30/9/19ViewViewView
1082/8/19 -> 31/8/19ViewViewView
1073/7/19 -> 1/8/19ViewViewView
1063/6/19 -> 2/7/19ViewViewView
1054/5/19 -> 2/6/19ViewViewView

Note: data takes may be missing if they have not been processed by this IPF Baseline-D