L2 Surface Height Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

This tool provides:

Local L2 Surface Height Trends

Mean L2 height and the standard deviation of height measurements from each retracker for each cycle are available for the following locations:

*note that the mode mask maps shown above are typical examples and not necessarily the latest version of the CryoSat mode mask. Locations have been chosen where the mode mask is currently stable.

Global and Polar Maps and Histograms of L2 Surface Height per 30-day Cycle

Global and Polar Maps and Histograms of the L2 Height variable for each retracker are available for each 30-day cycle. Height from individual SIRAL modes or all modes can be shown.

Operational Phase (Baseline-E)

Data take Timespan Histogram Global Map North Polar Plot South Polar Plot
14118/4/22 -> 17/5/22ViewMapViewView
14019/3/22 -> 17/4/22ViewMapViewView
13917/2/22 -> 18/3/22ViewMapViewView
13818/1/22 -> 16/2/22ViewMapViewView
13719/12/21 -> 17/1/22ViewMapViewView
13619/11/21 -> 18/12/21ViewMapViewView
13520/10/21 -> 18/11/21ViewMapViewView
13420/9/21 -> 19/10/21ViewMapViewView
13321/8/21 -> 19/9/21ViewMapViewView

Note: data takes may be missing if they have not been processed by this IPF Baseline-E