Cryosat L2 Data Availability from Kiruna

Cryosat performance is monitored from Level-2 data products provided by the ESA IPF processing centre at Kiruna. Data has been monitored since the start of the operational phase (18-Oct-2010) and this site shows output from all available versions of the IPF processors:

A reprocessing of the full mission using a single version (Baseline-B) of the IPF processor was completed in December 2013. A new version (Baseline-C) became operational in April 2015.

Baseline D will become operational at the end of May 2019. To see the QA results from the Baseline-D Test Dataset, select 'D' from the Baseline drop-down list at the top of each sub-page

This page shows the latest data availability status for each product type. A table of instrument unavailability is also available from ESA.

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Latest 30-days Per Data Take Since Start of Operational Phase


Availability of the most recent 30-days of GDR-A data from the ESA ftp server.

Note that there is a 30-day delay after acquistion before GDR data is processed by the IPF (due to processing of precise orbit data) and there may be an additional delay of a few days before the IPF completes L2 processing.

GDR Availability


Availability of the most recent 30-days of L2i data from the ESA ftp server:

L2I Availability

on behalf of ESA

+ 30 days