L2 Freeboard Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

Cryosat L2 data includes a SAR mode computed Sea Ice Freeboard calculation for each 20Hz record.

This tool provides polar plots of sea ice freeboard (orbit view, gridded mean, median and maximum values, histograms) for each 30-day data take.


Operational Phase (Baseline-E)

Freeboard viewed as:
Gridded Orbit View Histograms
Data take Time Span North Polar Plot South Polar Plot
14118/4/22 -> 17/5/22ViewView
14019/3/22 -> 17/4/22ViewView
13917/2/22 -> 18/3/22ViewView
13818/1/22 -> 16/2/22ViewView
13719/12/21 -> 17/1/22ViewView
13619/11/21 -> 18/12/21ViewView
13520/10/21 -> 18/11/21ViewView
13420/9/21 -> 19/10/21ViewView
13321/8/21 -> 19/9/21ViewView