L2I Discrimination Result Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

This tool provides global and polar plots of the L2I Discriminator Result (field 57) for each 30-day data-take and mode. The L2I Discrimator result for each 20Hz measurement is one of

  1. LRM discrimination is ocean
  2. LRM discrimination is land ice plateau
  3. SARIN discrimination is altimeter mode
  4. Sea ice discrimination is ocean
  5. Sea ice discrimination is sea-ice
  6. Sea ice discrimination is lead
  7. Undefined discrimination

Data take Timespan Global Plot North Polar Plot South Polar Plot
13619/11/21 -> 18/12/21ViewViewView
13520/10/21 -> 18/11/21ViewViewView
13420/9/21 -> 19/10/21ViewViewView
13321/8/21 -> 19/9/21ViewViewView