L2I SARin Ambiguity Flag Monitoring

IPF Baseline:

Cryosat L2I data includes a SARin Ambiguity Indicator Flag (L2I field 73: SS bit 0) for each 20Hz measurement record. The ambiguity flag indicates the case where the interferometric angle may be ambiguous due to phase wrapping.

This tool provides statistics of Ambiguity and global and polar plots of the Ambiguity Indicator Flag for each 30-day data take.

View the Trend of Percentage of SARin Ambiguity Flag set vs Data Take number.

Operational Phase (Baseline-E)

Data take Timespan % Ambiguity
Global Map North Polar South Polar
14317/6/22 -> 16/7/2221.41ViewViewView
14218/5/22 -> 16/6/2221.63ViewViewView
14118/4/22 -> 17/5/2222.54ViewViewView
14019/3/22 -> 17/4/2223.47ViewViewView
13917/2/22 -> 18/3/2223.90ViewViewView
13818/1/22 -> 16/2/2223.87ViewViewView
13719/12/21 -> 17/1/2223.80ViewViewView
13619/11/21 -> 18/12/2123.35ViewViewView
13520/10/21 -> 18/11/2122.93ViewViewView
13420/9/21 -> 19/10/2122.26ViewViewView
13321/8/21 -> 19/9/2121.95ViewViewView