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Cryo-TEMPO Downloads

ESA Cryo-TEMPO netcdf products from the full mission period are currently available only by ftp from the ESA CryoSat-2 Science FTP server at ESA CryoSat-2 Science Server.
Products from new data subsequently acquired by CryoSat-2 are processed and delivered operationally on a monthly basis (by the 5th working day of each month).

Cryo-TEMPO Product Directory on ESA FTP server DOI
Land Ice TEMPO_SILI-PO_LI 10.5270/CR2-3205d1e
Sea Ice TEMPO_SILI-PO_SI 10.5270/CR2-e2dd631
Polar Oceans TEMPO_SILI-PO_PO 10.5270/CR2-7ece675
Coastal Oceans TEMPO_CO-IW_CO 10.5270/CR2-656eeb1
Inland Waters TEMPO_CO-IW_IW 10.5270/CR2-11aea35
Note: DOIs are valid from v2.1 onwards - not in early releases